Gangsta Locs Styles - Hardcore Locs Styles Shades


The coolest  Gangsta Locs shades style around - . High quality with UV400 pitch black or green glass lenses and deep glossy black highly polished frames. Also known as Gangster Locs, Cholo sunglasses or Maddogers sunglasses. You can almost see them in the new Grand Theft Auto "San Andreas" videogame. 

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Locs Styles -  Hardcore Sunglasses

OG Locs styles sunglasses were made popular by young gangsters in the 70's and 80's. These glasses have been glamorized by famous rap artists and movie stars. Locs sunglasses styles carry an epic style. Locs eyewear prides itself on classic style and produce each pair of high quality light weight materials.

This is a locs style of sunglasses. You can wear these almost anywhere and feel comfortable.

Deciding which style is a cool sports sunglass is hard, but rest assured that we have many styles to choose from.

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